The King's Plan - Lessons

Our lessons are not designed to be read to each class. We encourage our teachers to study and spend time praying about each lesson, asking God to show them how to present the material effectively for their particular age group. Obviously, K-1st graders get much shorter, more simplified version of the lesson than the high school group does. We encourage the teachers of the younger group to spend extra time asking review questions, explaining the memory verse and helping the children learn their verses. In case there's extra time in class, we make up activity sheets to help the children do their memory work. If time runs out, we send the activity sheets home with them. We know God can and does use His Word, so we offer prizes at the end of the week to every child who memorizes the verses. Here again, we expect the two older groups to learn all the memory verses for the prize, while the k-1st graders are expected to learn only 1 or 2 verses (we choose which ones) and the middle groups learn 2 or 3 verses. We send home copies of the verses to be memorized with each child.

We really like to have two teachers for each group. While one teaches, the other one can help control, answer questons and jump in whenever and however needed. Sometimes the two workers split the days teaching to help ease the work load. Other times it might be good training for someone who would like to start teaching, to teach one night while a more experienced teacher teaches the other four. If teachers are in short supply, there is the option to have one or two people so all the teaching for all of the age groups. When we've doen this, we still like ot have one or two people in charge of each group, bringing the children around to each "station" and seeking to interact and get to know each child.

One last note, We usually use "A Beka Flash-a-Card"s for our visual aids, as they are fairly inexpensive and are easy for teachers to use. Children also seem to like the pictures. We have the flash card packs listed next to each lesson.

Lesson 1 (k-3)            Lesson 1 (4-12)

Lesson 2 (k-3)            Lesson 2 (4-12)

Lesson 3 (k-3)            Lesson 3 (4-12)

Lesson 4 (k-3)            Lesson 4 (4-12)

Lesson 5 (k-3)            Lesson 5 (4-12)