The King's Plan - Songs

This is an area where our teens have begun to use their musical abilities to serve God and His people. We started out with one teen playing pianoand now have piano, drums, 2 guitars, and a few singers. Our church holds a CCLI license. Those doing music for VBS choose available music that supports the theme as laid out in the outline. Music is definitely a learning tool and leaves it's message in the hearts and minds of it's participants. It's another way we can plant the seeds of the Gospel message in the lives of these children. Our VBS music team picks songs they think the children will enjoy learning and they enjoy putting together. They usually try to include a couple of spngs with worship mations, as kids really like that. You can sometimes find motions to worship songs on "YouTube".

As with every aspect of VBS, do what works best for your particular group to the glory of God. The songs we used are listed below.

Prince of Peace  -  by Michael W Smith

Reign in Us  -  by Starfield

King  -  by Tree63
Jesus Messiah  -  by Chris Tomlin